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The walrus may not be the most popular animal to learn how to draw, but they have undisputable charm, as the Beatles knew. Probably the most misunderstood thing about walruses, which may be holding them back from being more popular, is that we usually think of walruses as being much smaller than they actually are. Most people think walruses are big seals -- that they come to maybe shoulder height. Not so. A walrus would dwarf a six foot man, by a full two feet. Walruses are HUGE. Adult male walruses weigh in a 3700 pounds -- nearly a full two tons!

In additional to their massive size, walruses also have one other memorable trait... those handsome tusks. The tusks are actually elongated canines (yup, teeth!) that can grow to be as much as 3 feet long and weigh twelve pounds. Walruses use their tusks to dig holes in the ice, and to pull themselves out of the water. Given where they live in the Artic, it might be nice to have an ice pick on hand at all times.

how to draw a walrus

Practice how to draw your walrus here:

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