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The unicorn has been a symbol of purity and truth since the Middle Ages. It is still popular today, especially in fantasy art. While some people draw unicorns as white horses with a single spiralling horn in the center of their forehead, other artists depict unicorn with smaller, more fragile bodies like those of a goat or a coat. Unicorns also typically have "goatees" or a long tuft of hair hanging down from their chins. They are also often shown with long fetlocks, the shaggy, long hair that comes out at the back of what looks like their ankles. Both the "goatee" and the extra long fetlocks are unusual for horses to have, but draft horses do have the extra long fetlocks that are shown on unicorns.

You can draw your unicorns absolutely any way you want, of course, even if you want to get crazy and draw appaloosa unicorns. Appaloosa horses either are all spotted, or they have brown or black bodies with hindquarters that have large white areas with speckles of black or brown.

how to draw a unicorn

Practice how to draw a unicorn here:

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