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Tigers are a popular image for tattoos, team logos and anything that needs to depict power and stealth. The tiger is not just a formidable predator, but an icon in cultures across the world, from Asia and India to Russia and the United States.

Because of their reputation and their behaviors (tigers can be man-hunters, but it is rare), when you draw or paint a tiger you would do well to accentuate their size and hunting abilities. Putting them in shadows can be particularly interesting because their long vertical stripes work so beauitfully in shadows, further concealing them.

Tigers are often colored yellow in popular art, but their fur actually fades to white toward their bellies, and the area around their shoulders and back often takes on an orange to red hue. They are extremely large, especially Siberian tigers, which can be an incredible eleven feet long and over 600 pounds. Like all cats, tigers do have whiskers, so don't leave those out of your drawings.

how to draw a tiger, drawing tigers

Practice how to draw a tiger here:

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