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Swans are truly lovely, regal creatures. Being able to draw one is definitely worth the time it will take, especially if you use the simple swan drawing instructions below. Swans are excellent subjects for crafts projects, and even stencils in the home. Swan cut out shapes are wonderful for scrapbooks, and they also work perfectly with wedding crafts and Valentine's day cards and other crafts.

The swan drawn below is a very good start, but you could also practice drawing it with larger wings that curve up above its body more. Real swans have very large wings that make almost a heart shape if you view them from the front and a little bit above. Being that swans mate for life, along with their beauty and grace, and the heart-shaped bodies, you really can't find a more perfect animal for any romantically-themed drawing or arts and crafts project.

how to draw a swan. how to draw swans.

Practice how to draw a swan here:

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