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Younger children ought to have a few lessons on the various parts of actual flowers before they commence paper flower making. For this purpose, any of the flowers mentioned in this course will be found useful.

NOTE: Because the stalks of all paper flowers are made in the same way, it is a good idea to learn this step first. Green crepe paper is the best to use, as it gives the stalk a natural appearance. Plain paper shows a crease caused by twisting, while crepe paper, if properly twisted, scarcely shows any crease at all.

Materials required to make a stalk:
- Strip of green crepe paper, 8 inches long, 1/2 inches wide
- Piece of wire, 8 inches long
- 1 yard of black knitting wool

Preparation of Materials:
Prepare a piece of green crepe paper, 1/2 inches wide, cut from the roll the opposite way to the creases, as in Fig. 1. A-B represents the direction of the creases. Cut from C to D.

How to make your first flower: Take the yard of wool, twist it round and round the first three fingers of the left hand, until the whole is twisted on (Fig. 2).

Note: It's a good idea to learn this step properly, as five of the flowers taught here are begun in this same way.

Put one end of the wire over all the lengths of wool (Fig. 3).

Twist the two pieces of wire, C and D, together, nipping the wool tightly between them (Fig. 4).

Take the flower head between the thumb and first finger of the right hand (Fig. 5). Place one end of the strip of paper close to the flower head with the left hand. Gradually twist the wire towards you with thumb and first finger of right hand, keeping the strip of paper in a slanting position all the while (Fig. 5).

To finish off, twist quite to the end of the stalk G, Fig. 6, cut off any paper remaining, and bend the stalk back for 1/4 inch. This will keep the paper quite firmly in its place. Cut the tops of the loops of worsted wool through with the scissors.

Note: For a thick stalk, use a strip of crepe paper, 3/4 inch wide, or wrap the wire twice over.

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