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Squirrel! Even their name sounds fun. If you live almost anywhere in North America, you probably see squirrels several times a day, even if you live in a city. Squirrels are rodents to some people, especially if the people are trying to feed birds and instead have most of their birdseed stolen by the crafty squirrels. Fortunately the rest of us like squirrels just fine.

There's something comforting and cute about squirrels, especially if you live in an area where they are comfortable enough around humans to let you get within a few feet of them. Some people nearly tame them by sitting very still and getting the squirrels to eat out of their hand. This can make a terrific compostion for a drawing, as can a squirrel hanging upside down from a bird feeder, trying earnestly to get past the squirrel baffle to get some yummy birdseed.

how to draw a squirrel, drawing squirrels

Practice how to draw a squirrel here:

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