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what is a caricature
types of caricatures
costumes in cartoons continued
costumes in cartoons
cartoons for children
facial characteristics for caricatures
proportion in caricatures and drawing beards & moustaches
how to begin a caricature
childrens' caricatures
birth of caricature
Page 3
Page 2 of caricatures
three kinds of whites
choosing a palette and the color white
summing up about composition
completing the picture
squaring up
how to create a composition
beginning a picture
working with space
movement on a canvas
a study of dutch composition
composing on a canvas
picture making continued
Page 2 of composition
draw animals
action drawing
illustration exercise
drawing effects
dragon sideways
how draw dragon
subjects to draw still life
exercises in ornamental pen drawing
more rosettes
draw flowers
drawing the complete figure conclusion
drawing the complete figure continued
drawing the complete figure
drawing the foot continued
drawing the foot
drawing thighs continues
drawing thighs
drawing the leg continued
drawing the leg
drawing the back of the hand
Page 2 of drawing people
drawing tips
tone and color
drawing materials
pen and ink drawing
form study
pastel stenciling
diagonal method
copying triangulation
using models drawing
Page 2 of Drawing Fundamentals
stimulate imagination
two handed
further fields of study
creating abstractions
the dutch masters rembrandt and making your own paint
when is a drawing finished
different artists embrace different techniques
2 decorative art exercises
decorative or ornamental art
exercise in cylinders and boxes
Page 2 of Advanced Lessons
forms and shapes
making a start
anyone can learn to draw
subjects drawing practice
beginners drawing
simple composition
Page 2 or For Beginners
drawing the hand and wrist
drawing the muscles that make up the arm
drawing the arm wrist and hand
the shoulder and bicep
planes perspective and space
cardboard curves use of repetition
reversing tracing designs
Page 2 of Intermediate Lessons

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