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Seahorses are wonderfully curious creatures that can be excellent to know how to draw if you do crafts and live by the seashore, or just if you have a thing for the beach and like passing the time by doodling seahorses.

Not a lot of people know it, but male seahorses have a pouch, just like female kangaroos have pouches. They are also fairly big. Many people think of seahorses as being about two to three inches long, but most of them are six inches long and some types of seahorses can get to be as big as a whole foot long! We think of seahorses as being small because the types that are kept in aquariums do tend to be the smaller varieties, for good reasons.

Seahorses come in a variety of colors, from a pale sand color to black, with some being pinkish, yellow and white. Some have spots, while others have stripes (these are called "bands" or banded seahorses by scientists).

how to draw a seahorse

Practice how to draw a seahorse here:

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