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The phoenix, or firebird is an ancient mythological creature that would live for 500 to 1000 years before it burst into flame to recreate itself anew. The phoenix appears in an amazing variety of ancient cultures, from the Greeks and the Romans to the Chinese, Arabian, Egyptian and Indian traditions.

According to mythology, the phoenix was red and gold, though some traditions have shown it with a purple, blue or green tail. With colors like that, on a huge birds that bursts into flame, is it any wonder why artists through the ages have been drawn to the phoenix? If you are interested in doing fantasy work, or bringing spiritual themes into your art, knowing how to draw a phoenix is a good idea.

In the art of our age, phoenixes are often drawn as if they were made of flames. Artists depict them against dark backgrounds and paint them as swirling white, orange, gold and red flames with an extended long tail and huge wings. They are suggested to be huge animals, perhaps as big as a room, though in recent Harry Potter movies, the pet phoenix was relatively small, the size of a large parrot. In other art phoenixes are still burning, but seem to have taken on a lot of attributes of a peacock, and are shown being about the same size as that other very handsome bird.

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Practice how to draw a phoenix here:

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