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This particular uncle has the sort of head that was simply made for drawing, don't you agree? Also he has a natural sense of posing.

Notice the fine shapes in the head, the forehead and brows, the nose, cheeks, mouth and jaw. I have always found that we tend to normalise features when we draw them, so, when I have -- to draw a head I try almost to over-characterise it just a little at first, and usually it turns out that I haven't exaggerated it at all.

Here is an example of what I mean. If you were to draw a greyhound's head for the first time, you probably find you have made the nose too short. In the case of a kitten, we'll say, you make the nose too long, and eyes and ears too small. The shoulders in this particular sitter are very important, if for example -- you were to alter the slope of them, the portrait would look out of character. The clothes in the second portrait help a great deal to make the drawing interesting. I enjoyed doing them.

You will notice, no doubt, that I have not tried to carry this drawing to a highly finished stage. The reason for this is, that a drawing of this kind has a sort of spontaneity in the pose. The way the folds are drawn and the hands too, are better than if they had been worked up and shaded. I often leave a drawing like this, not because I am afraid of spoiling it by adding to it, but because I feel I have got all I want out of it.

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