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The best poses are invariably the most natural ones. Children, for this reason are always so interesting to watch. They have the natural charm of the unselfconscious. Most adults, on the other hand "want to look their best" very often, as a result, becoming stiff and unnatural instead of looking dignified.

You will notice that in this book most of the poses I have used are of the restful kind.

I have chosen these because I wanted my sitter to be at ease. This is not only being considerate to the sitter, but is also wise in so far as it enables him to sit much longer without moving.

So ask him if he feels comfortable. Suggest he relaxes a little, holds a book or some ojbect he likes, or, if it is a women, some flowers possibly. Try to do what you can to help the sitter avoid boredom and stiffness.

Children are often quite a problem. I can always persuade my nine year old son to pose as a soldier or cowboy. After all, why shouldn't he share in the fun?

When children are four or five they seldom feel like sitting still, so when I am drawing my small son I give him something to play with, such as a train or a book to look at, and make quick sketches. It is usually possible to finish one of them with the help of the others.

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