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There is no reason why materials should be elaborate and expensive. A 3B or 4B pencil of a good make is best to use, and is easily obtainable.

An ordinary smooth (not shiny) writing pad, without lines of course, has an excellent surface.

Typing paper is also very good, and if you need a larger pad you can obtain one from most good stationers. For the eraser, water colour paint, brushes and ink you must go to a shop where artists' materials are sold.

Let us begin with the eraser.

If you can possibly get plastic eraser do so, as it has two advantages over the ordinary soft eraser; it can be squeezed to a sharp point if need be, and does not smudge soft pencil. If you cannot obtain this, soft eraser will do and you can cut a pointed end for rubbing out mistakes in small detail; making sure to clean the eraser on another piece of paper first.

Make a nice long point on your pencil about 5/8ths of an inch, so that you are able to use either the point or the broad side. Brushes should be of good sable. Camel hair is useless.

Later in this text I have indicated 3 sizes, and you should use only the small one for ink. Wash the ink brush in water whenever you are not using it. Don't let it dry hard.

A tube of artist's lamp black of a good make is also useful. Watercolour painting should be done on watercolour board not surface.

Later you may wish to try rough or hot pressed surface. For pen work I would advise a good flexible steel nib with a good point.

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