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Line drawing can either be done with pen and ink or brush and ink. In the chapter on materials, I mentioned brushes, below I have suggested three sizes, but I would advise using only one for ink, and as you will need one that will produce a fine line as well as a broad stroke, the smallest would be the best.

A good idea is to keep a pot of water beside you, so that you can dip your brush in whenever you have to stop for a moment. Indian ink dries almost instantaneously, and is apt to ruin the hair of the brush, if allowed to dry hard. On using the brush again the water can be dried out on blotting-paper. Wash your brush in soapy water before putting it away.

The pen-portrait was done on thin hard detail paper. First, I did a pencil sketch of the pose. Then I decided I'd like to try it in pen so instead of running the risk of spoiling the first sketch I placed the thin paper over it and traced in pencil as much as I could see through, then put them side by side and did the pen drawing from the pencil. I did not try to copy the first drawing stroke for stroke because the technique of pen is so different. No, I actually drew from it.

If you prefer to make your pen drawing straight from the model of course you just make a light drawing in pencil and draw over it, but don't try to do this without the model as you'll just cover up your pencil as you go and a good deal of freedom and feeling will be lost as you'll find you'll have to work too carefully and slowly.

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