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Parrots are almost as fun to draw as birds, but they tend to be a little "chunkier" shaped than most songbirds. You also have to draw their large beaks. The great thing about parrots, though, is how colorful they are. You can draw a rainbow macaw with their red heads, blue wings and long blue tails and green and yellow accent feathers. Or you can do an African parrot, which is mostly green over its whole body, but can have a yellow, green or even a red head.

Because of their feathers, parrots benefit from painterly motions -- big long strokes of color. This not only evokes their feathers and wings, but it also suggests flight and playfulness. Parrots are endlessly playful, so you would do well to capitalize on that and draw them hanging upside down, or sitting on a woman's shoulder and playing with her earring. Speaking of which, parrots are drawn to shiny things, so they might also go after a pair of keys or a piece of silverware if they got the chance. If you are drawing a cartoon parrot, you have a wonderful opportunity for the parrot to make short and well-timed editorials on whatever is going on in the cartoon strip.

how to draw a parrot

Practice how to draw a parrot here:

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