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The one panel cartoon today is at the peak of its development. It may grow even more popular but my crystal ball is at the glazier's being fixed and I can't say for sure. But ample evidence that it is widely enjoyed today is proved by the fact that so many publications feature cartoons, anthologies of them make the best seller lists and cartoonists are even being asked by advertisers to join movie stars in endorsing beer products, shaving creams and automobiles. Where the cartoonist was considered the crumb of the art world twenty years ago, today he is one of its favorite sons.

The renaissance of the one-panel cartoon was begun by The New Yorker magazine in 1925 under its great editor Harold W. Ross. Under his aegis, such great exponents of the art were born, as: Helen Hokinson, Peter Arno, William Steig, Otto Soglow, Whitney Darrow, Jr., Chas. Addams, Gluyas Williams, Alan Dunn, Mary Petty, Alain, Barny Tobey, Richard Taylor, Carl Rose, Al Freuh, Robert Day, Sam Cobean, Perry Barlow, Leonard Dove, Alajalov, Chon Day, Saul Steinberg, Mischa Richter, Richard Decker, Barbara Shermund, Rea Irvin, Gardner Rea, George and Garett Price, Galbraith, and many others.


Geniuses one and all! Here is your temple of learning, your fount of knowledge, oh young cartoonist I To perfect your art, study these people.


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