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 How to Make Paper Flowers > MARSH MARIGOLD or KING CUP

Materials required

Strip of deep yellow tissue paper, 7 inches x 1 1/2 for petals
Strip of green crepe paper, 3 inches x 2 inches for leaf
2 yards Yellow Crewel Wool for stamens
Piece of wire, 8 inches long for stalk
Strip of green crepe paper for stalk

Preparation of Materials
Fold the strip of deep yellow tissue paper, 7 inches x 1 inches, exactly as the pink petals were folded for the Wild Rose. Fig. 62, A, represents the folded piece, which must be curved with the scissors along the dotted line.

Open out, cut one petal off, as only five are required, but do not curl the edges.

Fold the piece of green crepe paper, 3 inches x 2 inches, into two equal parts, by by the dotted line B (Fig. 63). In Fig. 64, C, represents the vertical line down the middle of the leaf. Curve with scissors along the dotted line.

How to assemble the parts of the flower
Make a centre of wool as for the Wild Rose. Wrap on the yellow petals and open them out (Fig. 65), as in the Wild Rose.

Note - There is no green at the calyx. as the Marsh Marigold really has no petals. Its apparent petals are petaloid sepals or calyx leaves.

Wrap the stalk for two inches down. Wrap the green leaf gradually ruund the stalk at D, and hold in place with a few twists of thread. Wrap the stalk to the end; and the flower is complete, as shown in Fig. 66.

Note - When making a bunch of these flowers, make some larger and some smaller than the illustration; the dimensions here given are for a medium-sized one.

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