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Is there anything cuter than a kitten? Maybe a puppy, but a lot of people could argue that point for hours. Either way, there can be no dispute that kittens are near the top of the list for "cutest creatures on the planet". So with all that cuteness, who would not want to be able to draw a kitten at a moment's notice, whenever some cuteness or tenderness was needed?

The furriness of kittens seems to throw some new artists off. They try to draw the fur, and show how heart-breakingly soft it is, and that gets in the way of the lines of their drawing. While kitten's fur is precious, steer away from trying to show that in your first drawings. If you must include it, use softer lines, holding your pencil more lightly across the page. Pastles are good for showing soft fur, but you may have to just suggest the fur on some places, like at the tip of the tail, or around the kitten's ears. Don't get too worried about it -- if you get the rest of the kitten right, people's memories of kittens will engage and they will almost be able to feel the softness of the kitten, with you only making the slightest, lightest suggestion of it.

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Practice how to draw kittens here:

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