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Being able to draw people well opens a whole world to you. Not only do you now have a valuable skill that can earn you a bit of change at any tourist site, but you can also give someone a meaningful gift at a moment's notice.

Drawing people is also endlessly interesting, and a surprisingly effective way to see into people's character. You will learn that
body language is as telling as any expression.

With some understanding of the human form, plus a little bit of practice every day (30 minutes is a good start), you will be amazed at your progress in as little as a month. And always remember - this is supposed to be fun... don't take yourself too seriously!

How to draw faces

I'd like to do a poll to find out how many of you would pick faces if the question was "If you could draw only one thing, what would it be?" Just about everybody would like to be able to draw a face, and, more importantly, a nice portrait. Drawing a portrait involves more than just a face, so I'll keep that tutorial for another page. This page is about how to draw a face. Its about how anybody can draw a face, and how to make the faces you draw look like people you know.

How to draw bodies

Human Anatomy
Human Body Proportions
Proportions in men, women and children
Skeleton and superficial muscles
Drawing the head
How to draw eyes
How to draw the mouth
How to draw hands
How to draw feet
Figure drawing
Foreshortening in figure drawing
Poses in figure drawing
portrait drawing

Introduction to Drawing People
Materials Needed to Draw People
The Essence of Drawing People
Posing the Sitter for a Portrait
Composition for a Portrait
How to Draw Hands
How to Show Age and Character
Drawing Clothes
How to Convey Emotions
Using Planes to Render People
Using Humor to Show Character
Examples of Portraits: Mother
Examples of Portraits: Brother
Examples of Portraits: Little Brother
Examples of Portraits: Uncle
Drawing Groups of People
Line Drawings of People
Watercolors of People

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