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I've been pouring over "how to draw a face" tutorials from my drawing books. There are two basic approaches - the oval method and the ball and plane method. Let's start with the oval, because its easiest.

You start by drawing an oval. Next you have an easy way to position the eyes of the face: the pupils of the eyes should be exactly on an imaginary line that is halfway between the top and the bottom of the oval.

You oval should look like this:
draw heads using an oval

The bottom of the nose is about halfway between the eye line and the bottom of the oval (the chin). The middle of the mouth (where the two lips touch... that line) is about halfway between the line that makes the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin.

Here are some more measurement rules you can use for your faces:

This is an excellent basic way to get your face proportions down fast. This approach also fits well with some more advanced techniques for getting all the different parts of the face fitting together. The three different face shapes described below may look very different, but they do all follow the same rules of proportion as described above.

straight face concave face convex face

As you can read from illustrations, these are straight, concave and convex face shapes. The straight face is the "ideal" GQ look. The concave face has a profile that bends in a little bit, making the chin point out just a little. The convex face is the opposite, with the profile arcing out just a bit, pushing the nose out. The convex face has a definite chubby look to it.

In addition to profil shape, you also should notice the width of your subject's face. Use this old rule of the eye/mouth triangle:
face width

Now that you know these different face types, you can help your portrait drawings a bit by checking your subject's profile and the shape of the eyes and mouth triangle before you start drawing. You'll be able to tell immediately what kind of head shape they have, and that will get you off to the right start with getting their head looking right.

But head shape, as you know, is just the beginning. I would leap into how to draw eyes, and noses and ears and whatnot, but I promised you another way to draw a head:

Ball and plane methodfor drawing a face

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