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This website is anyone who has wanted to draw all their life, but thinks they can't. By applying a few fundamental principles of drawing along with some practice, anyone can draw cartoons well enough to have fun and express themselves. You can learn how to draw cartoons whether you are "gifted" or not.

Anyone who can write can draw cartoons

The proof of this is the fact that the earliest writings of which we have any knowledge were the picture words of the Egyptians and Assyrians on old monuments. The ancients expressed themselves in pictures, and later those picture forms became conventionalized into what we now call letters. But pictures came first.

You can learn to express your thoughts in picture form just as you once learned to write. Maybe you forget the days when you struggled, first with a pencil, later with a pen, to form those simple ABC's. Perhaps you do not remember practicing over and over again to gain control of those scrawly letters. If you had worked as earnestly learning the fundamentals of picture forms, you could draw today as easily as you can write. Many people express themselves more articulately in pictures than they do in writing or in speaking. It is not too late for you to begin. How you draw and what you draw - like how and what you write - depend entirely on you.

Drawing, like handwriting, reveals individuality. When you draw sincerely and unaffectedly you reveal the real inner you. More than likely you have a much more beautiful personality than you yourself realize.

Start drawing and learn to know yourself. It is a heart-warming experience.

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