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Chickens are a lot of fun. No, they are not very bright (though I have heard of people training them to do tricks), but they are very interesting on a visual level because of their long tails and their gawky feet. They can also be pretty pushy, and tend to get into things a lot and so they get into trouble sometimes. This gives you a nice opportunity for a funny drawing of a chicken raising a ruckus.

The drawing lesson below is a terrific way to start drawing chickens, but I recommend that you push yourself to draw them in different positions and from different angles after you've got the basic chicken drawing down pat. Chickens do fly, although very briefly, so one idea is to draw one flapping its wings. This would be more interesting if you had the chicken flapping its wings at something, or someone, like a cat who was eyeing it from a distance, wondering if the chicken could fight back.

how to draw a chicken

Practice how to draw a chicken here:

Another way to
draw a chicken.

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