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Griffins are not as popular as dragons as drawing subjects, but they are extremely cool nonetheless. Griffins are also referred to as gryphons, or griffons. The griffin is a mix of lion and eagle -- it has a lion's body, but and eagle's head and wings. Many artists adjust the shape of the shoulders from what a lion would have to a bone structure that would more realistically support the massive wings that a griffin would use to rule the skies.

Griffins are perfect for pen and ink work, or for pencil drawings. Your griffins should be regal; in mythology and lore the griffin represented the king of beasts (the lion) and the king of birds (the eagle), and so griffins were intrepreted to be rulers of all creatures. Griffins appeared in both the Greek and the Egyptian myths, and were usually protectors of treasure or knowledge or special powers. Griffins also appear in some Christian texts and architecture, where their meaning is a symbol of Christ, and/or the intersection of the human and the divine.

how to draw a griffin

Practice how to draw a griffin here:

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