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how to draw a goat

1) Using very lightly drawn lines, make an uneven block shape for the goat's body.

another way to draw a goat

2) Next draw the modified pear shape that suggests the goat's head. Connect that shape to the box to create the nec. Then draw four lines down from the box to start the goat's legs. Notice how the lines that make the front legs are slightly bent.

draw a goat

3) Add the horns with four slightly arced strokes of your pencil. Also add another curved stroke at the right side of the box to give the goat a sloping shoulder. Finally, finish the legs by adding at least a second line and the feet. Remember that goats have cloven feet, like deer... not like horses, which have solid hooves.

how to draw goats

4) Add more details to the head, like placing the eyes, outlining the ears, and adding the goat's beard. Also give it a tail and some shaggy fur around its chest.

draw goats

5) Finally, finish the goat's body by making ragged, short movements with your pencil to suggest the goat's fur. Fill in the eyes to make them look more realistic, and darken in your goat's nostrils.

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