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It takes a certain sort of person to want to draw a frog. Whether you're drawing or doodling frogs, it suggests a quirky, smart mind that has an affinity for humor. Frogs appear quite a lot in cartoons for just this reason; there's something about that blas�, even blank expression that makes us want to poke fun.

If you haven't guessed already, I have a thing for frogs. The natural curviness of them makes for very interesting lines and designs. We have a gold frog ornament sitting on our mantlepiece (the only ornament on the mantelpiece) and I have a large, full-sized bullfrog ceramic piece that I've have since I was five. It was originally my mother's, but I loved it so much she gave it to me.

how to draw a frog

Practice how to draw a frog here:

If you are really in love with colors, frogs are terrific drawing subjects. Sure, some frogs are mud colored, but start flipping through National Geographics or any photography book and you will find at least one downright resplendent frog, often one of the poison dart frogs. They shimmer like silk with colors a peacock would envy, but those colors are actually a warning: Poison dart frogs are.... poisonous! Duh.

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