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how to draw a wolfThe first tutorial shows you how to draw a fox sitting shown here on the left.

The other shows you how to draw a fox lying down like this.
draw a fox lying down

How to draw a fox

Step 1)
Draw a "U" or tulip shape to create the fox's body (the left petal of the tulip) and the fox's tail (the right petal).
how to draw a fox sitting 1
Step 2)
Add the front leg.
fox sitting 2
Step 3)
Add the back leg.
fox sitting 3
Step 4)
These two arches make the top part or forehead of the fox.
fox sitting 4
Step 5)
This line makes the top of the fox's head.
fox sitting 5
Step 6)
This "V" shaped line makes the fox's chin.
fox sitting 6
Step 7)
Connect the lines like this and all of a sudden you have ears for your fox.
fox sitting 7
Step 8)
And connect the other lines like this and you make the fluffy fur on the sides of the fox's face.
fox sitting 8
Step 9)
This line makes the fox's chest. You can also now erase the first line that made the fox's body, what I called the "tulip" shape before. I left the line in here just for reference.
fox sitting 9
Step 10)
And now you add the other front leg.
how to draw a fox sitting 10
Step 11)
Three little dots make the fox's eyes and nose. If you want, the nose can also be a little triangle.
how to draw a fox sitting 11
Step 12)
Foxes have black feet, and so making your fox's feet black will make it much easier to tell that this is a fox, not a dog or a wolf or something else.
how to draw a fox sitting 12
Step 13)
Here is the fox colored in with a pencil. Notice that the lower part of the fox's face is left white. The tip of the tail is also left white.
how to draw a fox sitting 12

How to draw a fox lying down

This snoozing fox is so easy to draw, and really cute, too.

Step 1) Start with an oval for the fox's hip area, and a circle for its head. Add a triangle for the the nose. fox sleeping 1
Step 2) Next you add two leaf shapes on the top of the circle for the ears, and a "U" or "V" shape on the bottom of the circle to make the fox's snout.

fox sleeping 2
Step 3) The tail goes in next. fox sleeping 3
Step 4) Add a long curvy line to show the fox's back. Remember to make the line curve up about where the fox's shoulder would be. fox sleeping 4

Step 5) Add in the fur. Be careful here, especially when you are doing the end of the tail, to not add so many fur lines that you can no longer show the white tip at the end of the fox's tail. My drawing didn't do this so well, and it is surprisingly hard to erase just a few lines to make the tip of the tail look white. Its almost easier to just erase all the lines and start over. Also, don't shade in the ears too much, because foxes' ears are white inside. Finally, if you do show a foot sticking out, make it black - foxes' feet are black.

fox sleeping 5

Step 6)

I erased the "fur" I draw in on the bottom part of the fox's face. These little coloring changes are really important so that people know what your drawing is. Even if your drawing is not perfect, if people see black feet, large pointy ears, and a white-tipped tail, they'll immediately know they're looking at a fox. fox sleeping 6

by Pam Neely

Practice how to draw foxes here:

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