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Any duck fans out there? You guys are a special breed. Indeed, some people have a real thing for ducks, the same way some people fancy shoes, or pig decorations, or whatever off-beat thing appeals to them. If you love ducks, that's great. You've picked a nice, easy to draw image.

Ducks have very homey, contented emotions connected to them. They don't fight a lot (actually, real ducks do fight a lot, but culturally we do not associate them with fighting), and they aren't terribly adventurous. They just paddle along, back and forth from the pond to their shelter, fairly unconcerned with anything at all. This may be where we got the saying "like water off a duck's back". Because they are so mellow, ducks make nice decorations for baby gifts and cards and anything related to a peaceful home. They are also a favorite for country crafts and animal designs.

how to draw a duck

Practice how to draw ducks here:

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