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As you know, there were hundreds of different kinds of dinosaurs. Here we show you how to draw one of the most popular and one of the easiest to draw, the brontosaurus. But you can use the principles you learn here to draw other dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops. Actually, the Triceratops has almost exactly an elephant's body, and we show how to draw an elephant here.

Unlike most of the other animals, you can not study dinosaurs wandering around. Usually this is the best way to draw a more realistic animal, because you can practice drawing them from a bunch of different angles in a bunch of different poses, and you can see how they interact with each other and what their habits are. That might seem trivial at first, but its important: You'd look silly if you drew a bunch of Tyrannosaurus rexes grazing together, or a lone Brachiosaurus attacking a Dimetrodon.

draw a dinosaur

how to drawa dinosaur step by step

Practice how to draw a dinosaur here:

Dinosaurs look good in black and white or with colored media. You can draw them with an isolated or blank background, but your drawings will be much more interesting if you add appropriate plants and some landscape in the background. You can also color the dinosaur, but largely we are still guessing about what colors they were. Most people draw them as either green or brown, or a blend of both.

Very few people actually paint dinosaurs. They tend to be drawn with colored pencils by professional artists, but thousands of wonderful images have been produced by little kids with nothing more than crayola crayons. You will need to learn your dinosaur ABCs, though, because most six year olds know enough about them now to tell that the reason you'd never, ever draw a Brachiosaurus attacking a Dimetrodon is, for starters, because they lived about 20 million years apart.

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