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If you live near the forest or know a hunter, deer are probably high on your list of animals you want to know how to draw. Deer are excellent subjects to draw, not only because of their incredible grace and beauty, but because adding one to a landscape drawing adds enormous interest, especially if you hide them well so that people have to search the details of your drawing to see them.

Deer are well-suited to almost any drawing or painting medium, but some mediums, like charcoal or watercolor, have either a lightness or a suggestion of speed that can make deer pieces particularly powerful. Because of the speed and agility that deer have, plus the associations of power and almost nobility we associate with stags, you have an opportunity to create pieces of real force and emotional drama if you use, say, pen and ink splatters and harsh lines to show a stag leaping through the forest. Or you can do a super-detailed, almost photographic line drawing of a doe and her fawn, depicting the tenderness that image evokes in careful attention to the textures of their fur, their noses and the liquid beauty of their eyes.

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Practice how to draw a deer here:

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