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How to Make Paper Flowers > THE DANDELION

Dandelions are one of the most-easily recognized flowers around, so they make a nice choice for people's first paper flower because they are simple to make and all the parts of the flower are fairly familiar.

Materials required:
- Strip of deep yellow tissue paper, 30 inches x 1 1/2 inches for petals.
- Strip of dark green tissue paper, 4 inches x 1 1/2 inches Calyx.
- Piece of wire, 8 inches
Strip of green crepe paper, 8 inches x 1/2 inches

Preparation of Materials:
- Take the strip of yellow paper, 30 inches X 1 1/2 inches.
- Fold into two equal parts by the dotted line A-B (Fig. 7). Then fold into two equal parts by the dotted line G-D (Fig. 8), and fold once more into two equal parts by the dotted line E-F (Fig. 9).

Note - The strip will now be 8 thicknesses.

Fold from I to J, by the dotted line Z, Z1, which will give a crease across the middle (Fig. 10).

With the scissors, cut a fringe from the outer edge to the crease Z, Zi, leaving 1/12 of an inch between each cut (Fig. 11).

Repeat this process with the strip of green tissue paper, 4 inches x 1 1/2 inches.

How to make the flower:
Open the strip of yellow paper out, fold it in two, and wrap round and round to form the head of the flower, wrapping away from you (Fig. 12); then wrap the prepared piece of green paper round the yellow piece in the same way.

Twist one end of the stalk-wire twice round the bottom of the flower-head (Fig. 13).

Cover the stalk with the strip of green crepe paper, as shown in Lesson 1., when the flower will be finished. Fig. 14 shows the finished flower.

Note - The Dandelion is not, perhaps, one of the prettiest of flowers, but it is certainly the most simple to make in paper. Thus, in the children's first or second lesson in paper flower making, they have succeeded in beginning and finishing a flower. The leaves are too difficult for young children to make.

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