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Daisies are some people's favorite flowers, and with good reason. They may not have the luxury of roses, but daisies are simple and clean and honest. Make a bunch of paper daisies and you'll have a charming bouquet that will last for years (keep it out of intense, direct sun to keep the colored paper looking fresh).

Materials required:
- Strip of red crepe paper, 8 inches X 1/2 inch for the petals.
- Piece of wire 8 inches long
- Strip of green crepe paper, 8 inches x 1/2 inch

Preparation of Materials
1) Double the strip of red crepe paper three times, as Figs. 7. 8, and 9, in the making of the Dandelion.

Fringe half way up the strip without the aid of the crease to show how far, as crepe paper will not fold across the grain very easily. A-B shows the way the creases run (Fig. 15).

How to make the daisy:
Open the red strip out, fold it in two, and roll like you did when you made the dandelion (Fig. 16).

Twist the stalk-wire on at the bottom of the flower head (Fig. 17).

Wrap the stalk with the strip of green crepe paper, in the proper way, to finish, as already taught. Fig. 18 shows the finished flower.

There are several different kinds of daisies. In north America, white daisies grow wild and in many gardens. But you can also get "African daisies" that are red, orange and yellow.

Touch the edges of the petals of the white ones with a pen dipped in red ink, in order to obtain the mixed red and white flower. Arrange in vases with pressed ferns.

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How to Make Paper Flowers
Garden Daisy

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