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 How to Make Paper Flowers > Daffodil

Even one or two of these paper daffodils is a excellent way to decorate an Easter basket or an Easter hat. Or make a bunch and have a bouquet that will last into the summer.

Materials required

Strip of deep yellow crepe paper, 18 inches x 2 inches for middle
Strip of pale yellow crepe paper, 7inches x 2 1/2 inches for petals
Light brown tissue paper, 2 inches x 1 inch for part of stalk
Several strips of green crepe paper, 8 inches x 1 inch for leaves
Piece of wire, 8 inches long for stalk
Strips of green crepe paper, 8 inches x 3/4 inches for stalk

Preparation of Materials
Take the strip of deep yellow crepe paper, 18 inches x 2 inches, and fold into two equal parts four times (as Fig. 45). Curve with the scissors by the dotted lines.

Take the pale yellow crepe paper, 7 inches x 2 1/2 inches and fold into two equal parts three times, for Fig. 46. Cut through the dotted lines, to obtain the shape of the petals.

Fold the piece of brown tissue paper, 2 inches x 1 inch, into two equal parts by the dotted line in Fig. 47; then curve with the scissors through the dotted lines shown in Fig. 48.

Fold each leaf strip, 8 inches x 1 inch, into two equal parts, and cut off the corner at B, Fig. 49 (which is half size), to give the pointed appearance of the natural leaf.

How to assemble the parts to make the daffodil
Wrap the strip of deep yellow paper just as in the carnation, and draw the edges of the curves out to give a gimped appearance. Wrap the strip of pale yellow petals round twice. Wrap round a few times with thread, and put the end of the stalk-wire round twice.

Cover the stalk for an inch at C (Fig. 50). Put the small brown leaf on one side of stalk at D, and continue the covering, which will hold it in its place. Bend the stalk slightly at C for the finished flower. Arrange with leaves in vases.

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