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I love my shepherd mix dog a lot, but I have to say that dachshunds will always turn my head. They are so darn interesting looking. Dachshunds are also a great animal for cartoons to learn how to draw because they are such characters. Whether they happen to growl at you, or wiggle with delight to see you, dachshunds have a lot of emotion and are smart, and that makes them excellent drawing subjects.

You will also have the opportunity to draw their owners, who are often as quirky and visually interesting as their owners. Just imagine the well-dressed man on Park Avenue out for a stroll with his dachshund on a Sunday afternoon, or the elderly hieress clutching her super-pampered dachshund while she stands in the threshold of her enormous home, inspecting you.

how to draw a dachshund

Practice how to draw a dachshund here:

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