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 How to Make Paper Flowers > CHRYSANTHEMUM

Materials required
- Strip of yellow tissue paper, 15 inches x 1 1/2 inches for short petals.
- Strip of yellow tissue paper, 30 inches x 2 1/2 inches for long petals.
- Piece of wire, 8 inches long for the stalk.
- Strip of green crepe paper, 8 inches by 1/2 inches for the stalk.

Preparation of Materials
Take the strip of yellow paper, 15 inches x 1 1/2 inches and prepare as in Lesson II. (The Dandelion), folding as in Figs. 7,8, 9, and 10, and cutting as in Fig. II.

Do the same with the larger piece of yellow paper, 30 inches x 2 1/2 inches

How to make the flower:
Open the smaller piece of in two, and twist round, as for a Dandelion (Fig. 19); then fold it in two, and wrap round the roll thus obtained.

Wrap the stalk-wire round the bottom of the flower head (Fig. 20), and cover the stalk in the proper way, as shown in Lesson I. (Fig. 5).

To obtain the curly appearance of some Chrysanthemums, open the scissors out and draw the petals over the sharp edge of one blade, beginning at the middle. (Fig. 21.) Take care not to break the strips.

Another method, but more tedious, can be used before the flower is made up, as follows.
Place the strip of petals on a pricking-pad, or on a hard flat surface that will not scratch, and draw one end of a knitting needle or anything with a somewhat sharp tip (held nearly horizontally) along the middle of each petal (Fig. 22).

Children enjoy doing this very much, and are able to do it the first time they are shown. When curled in this way the short petals in the centre are not required. The finished flower is shown in Fig. 23.

Chrysanthemums come in white, pale yellow, deep yellow, pink, pale terra-cotta, or red, or two-toned in yellow and red or white and pink. How would you make a two-color paper chrysanthemum with one piece of paper for the petals?

Arrange in vases, with a few artificial chrysanthemum leaves, or pressed ones, but not with grasses.

Note: the chrysanthemum leaf is too difficult for very young children to make.

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