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how to draw a chicken

1) Start the chicken with an egg shape for the body. Draw very lightly.

another way to draw a chicken

2) Add the triangles for the neck, tail and the upper leg.

draw a chicken

3) Add the head and eye and some curves to make the neck look more natural. Draw a half-egg shape to rough-out the wing. Add some straight lines to create the feet and the legs.

how to draw chickens

4) Draw the chicken's bill and begin the claws. Make rounded strokes to create the feathers on the wing and tail. Erase the first lines you drew to block out the chicken's body.

draw chickens

5) Give the hen a comb - the fleshy part on the top of the head. Then finish the feet, eye and feathers around the neck. You can color your chicken in any way you want, but most chickens are a rust color, brown, black or white. Some of them are almost speckled, and have long, amazing tails.

Practice how to draw a chicken here:

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