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Having devoured the material in this course up to this point, and practiced the prescribed exercises very diligently, I hereby pronounce: YOU ARE NOW A CARTOONIST! So welcome to the fold! And may all your troubles be funny ones.

You are ready to make finished cartoons. But before you can declare yourself Open For Business, a small but necessary investment must be made. Up to this point in your life you have patronized drug stores, candy stores, clothing stores, hat stores and shoe stores. There is a new one to add to your list - The Art Supply Store. Break open your piggy bank and go to the nearest one.

Don't be shy about going into an art supply store. According to vital statistics, most hands squeezing tubes of paint these days are amateur ones. And the average dealer I know is a strange merchant in one respect - he is really and sincerely interested in helping his customers. Explain the nature of the work you have planned and then, depending all your budget, let him help you make the following selection:

A suitable drawing board.
A ruler.
An assortment of camel hair brushes.
India Ink ( comes in all colors as well as black).
Mixing tray.
A tube of lampblack water color.
Tracing pads.
Chinese White.
Pencil Sharpener.
Erasers-sand ones and kneaded.
Pencils-hard and soft.

Modern art supply stores contain the most wonderful materials for making your work as comfortable and pleasant as possible. A far cry, indeed, from the days when the old masters had to make their own pigments!

At any rate, the things you purchase are the tools of your craft. Take care of them and, with luck, they'll take care of you. Set your drawing board up in a place where there is a good light. A lot of interesting things can be done in the dark. Drawing is not one of them.

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