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To give your picture depth and the impression of distance, you will need to understand the simplest rules of free-hand perspective. You need not master elaborate diagrams and complicated mechanical rules. Your chief concern, as a cartoonist, is with feeling and idea. A knowledge of simple perspective will make it easier for you to express your ideas.

Remember this: All level lines which lead away from you vanish (when extended) at a single point on the horizon which is level with your eye. Practice this by copying the forms on the opposite page. Then apply the principle free-hand in all the cartoon drawings you do.

Often you will want to exaggerate and distort perspective. You can do this more effectively if you really understand the sim plest, basic principles of perspective before you attempt exaggeration.

The closer to the foreground an object is, the heavier the lines should be, and the more detail should be shown. As an object recedes into the distance, be it house, tree, or person, it grows dimmer and smaller and shows less and less detail. Distant objects are often shown by suggestion instead of complete drawing. Outlines, in the distance, usually have more definite form at the top of the picture. Toward the bottom they fade into nothing.

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