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Is it hard to become a cartoonist? Not at all. And to prove it, I've written this book. Here is fun for you, because I know it's fun learning cartooning!

Take the course alone or en famille, as the French say, comparing results as you go along. See who has the most hidden talent in your family - Dad, Mother, Sister or Brother. And if one of you feels sufficiently encouraged by this book and the results of your early cartoons, and then wants to venture into the professional ranks, then this book can help you not just with how to become a cartoonist but also how to sell your work as well!

"But how long will this take?" you might ask. My answer? Three days! Sound incredible? Yes, but please remember this is an age of speed. If you had the money, you could get to the moon and back... if you were a billionaire. Does it sound any more far-fetched to claim you can learn cartooning in that time?

Mind you, I do not say that in three days you will be able to throw any of the top-notch cartoonists out of work. If I thought that would happen, I'd hesitate about writing this book because most of the big name professionals are friends of mine and it would sadden me to see any of them become unemployed. What I do believe is that you will learn to cartoon like a baby learns to walk.

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