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You can have worlds of fun drawing! You can draw all by yourself, just for the glorious stimulation of self-expression. Or, in any number of ways, if you can let drawing lead you into closer and happier contact with other people.

You can develop your drawing ability as a major or a minor hobby-just as you wish. Whether or not you are "gifted," whether you make drawing your profession, your avocation, or your hobby, you will have to work laboriously and sincerely to get the most out of it. But it is inspiring work, and it yields most gratifying results.

Illustrate your letters to friends, or make your own letterheads. Draw your own Christmas cards. Make birthday cards, and cards for sick friends. Here is an idea that has made many convalescents happy. Tell a story in simple cartoons on government post cards. Take any story you like, preferably a humorous incident in your daily life. Draw it very simply, in colored crayon drawings on penny post cards. Mail one card a day to a shutin. It seems like a daily comic strip, personally created for the sick person. And, as you can imagine, it is very welcome.

You will be a popular host or hostess if you make cartoon place cards for your guests when you have a party. If it is a cocktail party, hang the cards to the cocktail glasses. Draw friendly caricatures of your guests on the cards. Such place cards make wonderful icebreakers, and they are simple to make. Draw a person at his profession or his hobby, or show him doing something he loves to do - like swimming, golfing, hiking, of picnicking. If you can think of nothing else, draw him in his native habitat. If he is from the country, draw barns or cows; if from a city, skyscrapers; if from a hilly country, draw mountains, and so forth. People love individual place cards!

There are many urgent calls for posters, and you can make a significant contribution to your community if you will draw them. Here is something that is fun for you at the same time that it helps other people.

You can make paper dolls or paper toys for children. You can add a touch of personality to your home by making wall decorations for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom; or bar. Below is a border for a child's room. You can elaborate on this idea. A teddy bear is pictured doing the simple things in a child's daily routine - from waking in the morning to going to bed at night. Very little children love to look up at these pictures as they lie in their cribs. Some little fellows have been known to "catch on" to gentle hints concerning good habits, such as eating, bathing, and brushing the teeth, by means of just such pictures.

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