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Personality Sketch of Capt. William C. Erstwhile

You are a leader. You have decided hypnotic charm. You aren't aware of it, but people are following you. They unconsciously look up to you. Your idealistic nature gives them assurance and the right path to follow. You have no narrow inhibitions. You like people, and people love you. You make friends readily, and you keep them. You have a great deal of insight into human personality. You are happiest when delving into intellectual and philosophical pursuits. You have a tendency to procrastinate, but you offset this by your strong sense of duty and responsibility. You often wish to travel when traveling isn't feasible.

You ought to travel in imagination - and whenever this urge comes to you, try to change your surroundings. If you do, you will give great pleasure to other people, as well as satisfy your own wishes for the moment. You ought to be around people a great deal, with only short periods of being alone. You are the kind of person people need.

Personality Sketch of Lt. Mary Grace Allyn

You are an unusual personality. You are an introvert, yet you have decided extrovert tendencies within you. Dee inside, you're dancing. You're full of fun and vigor but you hide this from your friends and appear studious and very serious. Your charm is irresistible. Your brilliant intellect is a great asset, along with your personal charm. But you ought to let people see the dance that goes on inside of you.

You are practical and sensible, but you have marvelous imagination and ability to put yourself into the most amazing and interesting situations. You have an excellent memory. You have an inherent appreciation of music, art and literature. You are a co-operative and a congenial soul. Eat lots of honey. Avoid onions on Fridays. Your lucky day is Saturday. You will marry a professional man and have two children.

Personality sketch of Col. Joseph Sebastian

You are a rare type. You are not one person but many. You are ambivert. People know you as a scholarly, serious professional man. But you are really tenderhearted and poetical and impractical. You could write very acceptable poetry if you would. It would bring people to tears. Secretly you have a keenly developed sense of humor. You can laugh at yourself, and you unconsciously always see the funny side of every situation. This saves you from many a heart-ache. It is a rare gift, and you ought to let more people know about it. You make friends slowly, but your choice of friends is discriminating. You make a few intimate friends and you are loyal. You are frank and outspoken, but always diplomatic. You are patient and very kind. Friday is your lucky day. Much joy is in store for you.

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