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Now try telling an incident in picture words. Make your drawings simple and direct. Leave out detail where you like, and don't try to keep proportions unless you want to. It's a wonderful way to develop ability to appreciate a joke on yourself.

Next time something happens to annoy you, stop and think how funny it would look in pictures. Draw it next day in a letter to a friend, or just sit down and draw it for yourself instead of fussing. It works, just the way it works when you stop to count ten before you speak when you're angry or say to yourself "Now wouldn't you look funny standing there in your underwear," instead of cracking back at someone who provoked you.

For example, here's a true story, with its picture words on the opposite page:

"I am a bachelor. One midsummer evening at dusk I was driving alone, as fast as I dared, on a highway toward Des Moines. Along to my left an old car creaked by. It looked for all the world like Noah's ark. Mrs. Noah herself was driving. At the highway intersection a hand stuck out of the car Mrs. Noah's hand. I thought the woman was turning left, but no. Smash! She had turned right!

Stars. . . yells. . . arms. . . legs. . . feet. . . curled fenders. . . towing truck. Then an argument. Mrs. Noah grew bigger as the argument grew hot. ter. We both told stories to the cop.

Mrs. Noah ended up decidedly in debt. But she hadn't a cent of money. Not even in her ark, she claimed.

Well, the cop fixed it. Mrs. Noah had a flourish. ing business. And business was good, though not, at the moment, so lucrative. So Mrs. Noah would pay me in stock! What stock? Wait and see.

I went home and to bed. Next morning at dawn my bell rang. I opened the door and there stood Mrs. Noah, like Santa Claus. She opened her bag and out flew, not dollar bills, but. . . well, look at the picture.

Draw While You're Convalescing

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