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The use of matchsticks or toothpicks in studying "figure action" is admittedly not new. However, there are some dangers connected with both that I would like to mention.

Very young students are apt to cause a fire if they use new matches.

As for toothpicks, I'm quite sure the Emily Posts will forgive their use in this instance. But some lady students looking at toothpicks might suddenly forget everything except that they must go on a diet immediately.

Both groups, please -
en garde! place the matchsticks or toothpicks before you on a piece of paper, in this position:

Sketch in an oval shaped head. A human figure is usually about 5 1/2 heads tall.

.. (Note that these pieces are made of smaller sticks).

Here we have a perfectly adequate skeleton without disturbing anybody's peace and rest.

Hold the sticks and trace them in pencil. Save this drawing and now you are ready to rearrange the sticks in another position on a new piece of paper.

Some more skeletons

Make tracings of all these action figures and save them.

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