How to Draw Cartoons > Mastering the Stick Man Cartoon

Think of the human figure as a simple skeleton while you master proportion and co-ordination of body parts. The ideal male figure is usually considered to be eight times the height of his own head.

Start by making these careful measurements. When you have mastered proportions by the "stick man" method, rough-in flesh forms in any simple way you choose. One way to do it is shown below. After that, add clothes.

Remember to put creases where creases would naturally fall, according to the pull on the garments. Keep the drawings simple, for as a cartoonist you do not want to get the habit of showing too much detail. A cartoon must be direct.

Practice drawing the male figure on the stick man principle until you automatically feel proportion. Then forget the rules and draw your figures as you like. Use the stick man fundamental if it is easier for you, or adopt your own direct rough-in method. Your cartoons will lose punch if you abide by too many formulas. But before you adopt your own methods you much thoroughly understand the basic fundamentals.

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