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how to get revenge I owe this idea to a rather intolerant teacher I had in public school. I always aspired to become a V.LP. so I might one day greet him like this. (If Mr. T sees this I forgive him.)

The greatest source that all creative people depend on for their productivity is personal experience. Within each of us is a natural reservoir of material waiting to be tapped. The job is explore the deep, dark recesses of your mind for possible impressions which on reexamination now seem funny. Good hunting!

"But," demands the skeptic, "suppose this reservoir runs dry? What then? Will I die of thirst?"

The answer to that is by the time personal experiences have become exhausted as your source of material, it is to be hoped that you will have developed certain "humorous instincts." All the world will become your "meat" - events of the day, your neighbors, all you see and hear. "Watersheds" like this will keep your reservoir ever full.

how to get motivation
News items often suggest funny drawings. This one appeared in LOOK magazine.

Habitat plays a big part in determining what kind of cartoons you will do. I grew up in the asphalt jungle of the big city and therefore when you look at a drawing of mine you often get the impression there is danger of being hit by falling plaster. If you grew up in the country or a well-to-do suburb, your work will have an altogether different flavor from mine. Let nature be your guide.

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