How to Draw Cartoons > Techniques for finishing cartoons

There are two main techniques for finished cartoons: line and wash. The line drawing can be just as it sounds, or be done with Ben Day (an engraving process), crayon, or just pen and ink. Wash tones are achieved by mixing two ingredients - black water color and H20. The less water, the deeper the tone, and vice versa.

Preliminary Sketch. Use soft pencil at first, then slightly harder one when you see line you want.

Ink in. When finished use kneaded eraser to eliminate pencil lines and sand eraser for possible ink mistakes.

What you have now is a Line Drawing!

Some line drawings are augmented with pen and ink, black crayon or spatterbrush (tooth brush dipped in ink).

Ben Day. Indicate with blue pencil or light blue wash where you want engraver to make gray tone.

Wash drawing. A greater variety and softness of tones is obtained with this medium but it is not feasible with some artists' styles.

cartoons done with ben gay and crayon

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