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Working yourself up in this world is usually the best direction to aim. But in this case let's work downward lest we wind up with people standing on their heads.

Years ago, you may remember, some cartoonists used to draw large heads and small bodies, like this:

But this style grew obsolete. Most modern cartoonists draw much better figures proportionately.

Glancing over at our friend, the fine artist or illustrator, we learn that the human skeleton looks very roughly like this:

If any readers think I propose that they begin practicing ghoulry for the purpose of procuring the contents of a crypt or two, please relax.

You can forget all about skeletons unless, of course, you just happen to have one in your family closet.

All I ask is that you have before you a handful of matchsticks or toothpicks.

Got' em? Then proceed - and don't make any bones about it!

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