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Gags and jokes will become just a commodity to you, like bananas to a fruit merchant or tobacco to a cigar manufacturer. The only difference being that you can't find yours on trees.

Life will become a bit less enjoyable, perhaps, because you will anticipate the laughs in it before they happen. You'll know the next line of every TV comedian before he says it and dismay those around you with the deadly accuracy of your predictions.

But, cheer up, dear confrere. Fat checks from publishers will be rolling in (you hope) and you'll smile through it all and carryon. Poor cartoonist!

how to get ideas for cartoons
example of cartoon joke
The professional gag hunter doesn't wait for inspiration to strike. He is out looking for ideas all the time. Frequently he finds his best stimulus in looking at other drawings. Ih addition to learning what the markets are buying this way, his busy mind explores each picture with a scrutiny that would do justice to an agent from Scotland Yard.

example of cartoon joke

No stone is left unturned as he looks for a clue that will lead him to a gag of his own. For example: looking at the above drawing he might start thinking of a gag about a mirror, hairbrush, perfume atomizer, fire escapes, slips, bedsheets, dresser drawers, picture, snoring, burglar in the house, cold feet, pistols and police stations. Then he'll start "snowballing" these items one after the other.

A mirror might remind him of a young lady dressing for a date, a small boy breaking one, or a man trying on a suit in a clothing store. Then he'll go on to the hair brush which could suggest a mischievous boy, a spanking, a bald-headed man, a salesman at the front door, etc. He goes on until he reaches the bedsheets which reminds him of the way people dress in the Middle East. Suddenly our gagman has it! A funny idea about a harem! And just look where the idea started!

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