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Materials required
- Strip of red crepe paper, 18 inches x 2 inches for petals
- Strip of green crepe paper, 1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches for calyx
- Strip of red crepe paper, 1 inch x 2 inch for stamens
- Piece of wire 8 inches long
- Strip of green crepe paper, 8 inches x 1/2 inches

Preparation of Materials
Take the strip of red crepe paper, 18 inches x 2 inches, and fold into two equal parts, five times. The strip will then be 32 thicknesses.

In Fig. 24 A represents the doubled edge or vertical fold down the middle of the petals. With the scissors, curve off the corner B, by the dotted line.

This opens out a strip of 16 points, or petals, as in Fig. 25.

Take the little piece of red crepe paper, 1/4 inches x 2 inches, and fringe it half way up, very finely, for stamens (Fig. 26).

Fold the piece of green crepe paper, 1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches, into two equal parts three times (Fig. 27). Curve the corners a and b off with scissors, to obtain points.

Assembling the carnation: Take one end of the red petals, 18 inches x 2 inches, between the thumb and first finger of the right hand, and gather up with thumb and first finger of left hand, until four points are gathered side by side; then add the strip of red stamens (Fig. 28).

Continue to gather the points up, but wrap them gradually round the first four. Do not draw too tightly, and then wrap one end of the stalk-wire twice round at E (Fig. 29).

Wrap the strip of green, 1 1/2 inches X 1 1/2 inches or calyx twice round at E (Fig. 29).

Twist a bit of thread round at the bottom, F, to hold the calyx in its place, and cover the stalk with a strip of green from F, to finish (Fig. 30).

Draw out the edges of the points, and bend them slightly back to give a natural appearance. Fig. 31 shows the finished flower.

Varieties.- Red, white tipped with red ink, and pink.

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How to Make Paper Flowers
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