Down and Up

October 27, 2010

Our usual level of looking is in front of us. Generally we look ahead. When you start to draw outside, you will find that you will be looking down, on to the ground, and up, into the sky.Both the ground and the sky are important to an artist. They are part of the world he [...]

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Drawing People continued

October 26, 2010

In these circumstances, it is better to train your memory. You will find that it is much easier to draw an image just after you have seen it. The longer you leave the impression the weaker it becomes. Train yourself to look at people and observe what they do. First, just let the image soak [...]

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Viewpoint and Color

October 25, 2010

VIEWPOINT The viewpoint you take up will affect the angles of the things seen. It will affect your foreground and, by being either up or down, change the middle and background too. If you are high up you will see more background; you will be looking right down on to things. If you are set [...]

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October 24, 2010

There is no such thing, for our purposes, as accuracy of vision. It is not so much that we don’t all see alike. We don’t. But nature is constantly moving and changing all the time. What we see rapidly alters from minute to minute. All we can do is to compromise between the movement of [...]

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Foreground, Middle and Background

October 23, 2010

A good, flexible rule for settling the main shapes of the subject is to have a good foreground, a middle distance and then the background. It is easy to ignore the foreground and only look at the middle or background. Because our eyes take in a scene so rapidly we take the foreground for granted [...]

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Realistic Drawings

October 22, 2010

In the Victorian era a sweet, sentimental subject received the accolade. An honest painting of something really seen and experienced would be by-passed or condemned. A good example of this was with the movement known as Impressionism. The Impressionists wanted to go out and see the world with their own eyes. They were tired of [...]

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Picking Subjects to Draw

October 21, 2010

For instance, you might be walking along, not thinking of anything. You turn into a side street and there, at the end, is a rubbish dump leading on to a railway yard. You stop, surprised. It looks wonderful. All those shapes and textures and the pattern of the railway lines and the wires in the [...]

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Where and What to Draw

October 20, 2010

Often, traveling on a bus, I spot places that I think might make a good subject. Then, when I have time, I go back, look the place over, like a burglar casing a joint, for possible intrusion and, if it looks safe, I fetch my gear and start to work. What I look for mostly [...]

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Where to Draw

October 19, 2010

When you first go out it would be unwise, obviously, to start by going straight to the most crowded place you can find, however attractive it is and however much you want to put down that particular place on paper. I am referring to such places as a popular park, a famous landmark, a church [...]

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Easels and Stools

October 18, 2010

I am not a great believer in easels for outdoor sketching. If you have to walk around a bit before settling on a subject they can be a burden to carry about. Nevertheless there are some good light sketching easels on the market that will serve you both indoors and out. As you will probably [...]

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