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Once you grasp the principle of this game, you can keep a bunch of kids (and maybe even yourself) busy for hours. The alphabet is an amazing creation that gives us the power to describe the whole world, and even things beyond this world, with a mere twenty four little shapes. While we usually make words with letters, they can also be used as the basic shapes of hundreds, if not thousands, of different drawings.

Using alphabets to teach children how to draw is an excellent exercise because you are teaching two things at once -- you are teaching the child how to draw, and you are reinforcing what they have learned about the alphabet. Because of this, using alphabets in a drawing lesson is especially effective for children who are currently learning the alphabet. Not only that, but you are showing them how to recognize patterns and shapes in objects everywhere. This can be practiced everywhere, from seeing a "T" in a bridge when you are driving somewhere, to making a "Y" out of silverware at dinner.

how to draw with alphabets

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Practice how to draw your alphabet drawings here:

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