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How To Draw It is published in Santa Fe, New Mexico by me, Pam Neely. I am a relucant artist, mostly because there always seems to be a lot of pressure to be doing "responsible" things like keeping up after my house, worrying about money, or getting to the gym or on the trail or trying to be a good friend, citizen, daughter pam neelyor partner. But despite all the demands of life, I do manage to make a little space for my drawing. I really appreciate all of you coming to this site, and for your feedback, because if you weren't coming here, I probably would find other more "important" things to be doing besides drawing.

Drawing my was primary thing in middle school and high school, and at one time everybody assumed I would become an artist. I am still not really clear on what being "an artist" means, and part of me thinks its a stupid term. Another part of me knows that there's a lot of ego around being "an artist" and if I feed that ego for even a moment, my drawings will suffer (and I'll get arrogant). One of my old art teachers said I would make a good "draftsman" (he didn't like the term artist, either), so maybe that's a term I can settle into.

Part of the reason I don't like the term "artist" is that it suggests you have to be a certain kind of person to draw, and usually that means that you have to be "gifted" to draw or paint, or even mess about with clay. I really resent this idea, and pretty much the whole premise of this site is that anyone can learn to draw. pam neely self portrait Anyone. Its a skill, and it can be taught, and I think the people being stuffy about "artistic talent" are stifling a lot of creativity and joy in the world. Anyone can draw. Even you. Even me!

Because this site really is for people who think they can't draw, I think its only fair to show you that I am not unbelievably awesome at drawing either. In fact, I am kind of out of practice and have been for several years. But now that this site really seems to need my work, not just public domain work to thrive, I find myself forced into getting back into practice. Thank you. I needed the nudge.

Here's a drawing to prove that I'm as bad an "artist" as you think you are. But in the next few weeks and months I'm going to be getting a lot better. Hopefully, you can see where I started, and where I ended up, and how I got there and realize that it doesn't take take to draw, it just takes practice. And maybe some good information along the way.

If there is anything you would like to see included in future updates to the site, please contact us. I really mean that, guys and gals... I like to hear from you, and I am taking requests for drawing tutorials and other drawing and craft related content.

I do accept advertising, both for this site and for the weekly newsletter. The newsletter has a circulation of nearly 10,000 people.

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